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Chinook Salmon

A boat full of Coho!

If you chose to fish with service you might want to book a trip to for fish huge King (Chinook) Salmon that may reach 50 pounds in the fall. Although rare we do catch fish that are at that mark or very close every year. Our average Coastal Chinook weight is just about 23 pounds. Without a doubt these are my favorite fish to target.

Along with Chinook we would be targeting Silver (Coho) Salmon. They don't get as large but are know as much for their fighting ability as they are for table fair. These hard fighting great tasting fish average a solid 8 pounds with enough fish in the high teens to low 20's to keep thing interesting.

Throw the hard fighting Dog (Chum) Salmon into the mix and your arms may be tired at the end of the day.

Spring Chinook have become one of my favorites Salmon to fish for most say there is not a salmon out there that can compare to a fresh Spring Chinook on the barbeque. These fish begin their journey up our rivers in late March and continue into June. Spring Kings (Chinook) don't get as large as the fall Chinook but are every bit as strong if not stronger than their fall brothers and sisters. Known as being one of the toughest Salmon to catch, going on and off the bite several times a day, biting one kind of bait or lure one day and not wanting a thing to do with it again for days. We can help you learn to catch these magnificent fish.

In late July thru September of odd numbered years Humpies (Pink Salmon) converge on Puget Sound streams by the millions. These small hard fighting aggressive little salmon can be caught in huge numbers on light tackle in many streams within minutes of the Seattle, Tacoma, Everett areas. These fish are an absolute blast and are seldom a let down in numbers of fish hooked and landed in a day. Shear numbers equals fun for all.

Depending on where the fishing is best we could be fishing one of many rivers or lakes in the area, here's a list of a few.

Humptulips River, Satsop River, Wynoochee River, Chehalis River, Lewis River, Skykomish River, Snohomish river, Clearwater River, Snoqualmie River, Skagit River, Columbia River, Cowlitz River, Drano Lake , Nisqually and Green River.


Steelhead fishing can be pretty much a year round thing here in Washington. With Summer Steelhead entering many rivers as early as late April and May with June, July and August being the 3 prime months and the great fishing continuing for these very aggressive high flying torpedo's all the way into October. Plenty of great fishing teamed with some of the best weather of the year make for great times.

November brings the first Winter Steelhead of the year too many of our rivers and streams. Hatchery Steelhead are the main stay of this fishery until February when the hatchery runs fade in many rivers and give way to the Wild Steelhead that run all the way into April These hard fighting very aggressive fish can range anywhere from 6 to the 30 pound Mega trophy size we all dream of, you just don't know what your next cast could bring.

Cowlitz River Steelhead (6 fish limits)


  • Full Day Guided Trip (8 - 10 hours of fishing)
    • 1 - 4 People: $200.00 per person (2 person minimum)
    • Single trips available - $225.00


  • To insure comfort we keep parties to a 4 person maximum but we can arrange a partner guide for larger groups if necessary

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Humptulips River King Salmon


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